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BINAA started rehabilitating sewage network in 4 villages in Idlib governate

BINAA started rehabilitating sewage network in 4 villages in Idlib governate

BINAA for development recently started the “sewage network rehabilitation” project in four villages in Idlib countryside.

After six years of water and sewage network infrastructure being out of service and the spread of water and hygiene- related diseases due to lack of public services such as waste management. 

The project is funded by King Salman for relief and humanitarian aid and it aims to provide clean water and healthy environment for 124 thousand people in the villages of Marat Alnouman, Radwa, Barisha and Rabita through rehabilitating the water stations and networks within a special work mechanism that guarantee beneficiaries safe access to clean water. 

In order to preserve the clean environment for targeted villages, the project aims to do maintenance for the sewage network to ensure the removal of wastewater from residential areas and prevent open water pits which may cause epidemic diseases, in addition to collecting and moving waste from targeted areas. 

The project also aims to ensure continuity through training staff on technical and administrative aspects of the project in addition to establishing Tarif system to collect fees from residents of targeted communities for the provided service. The fee is to pay for fuel, chlorine and operational costs needed for operations and maintenance even after project support ends. 

Its worth mentioning that all staff working in this project are residents of the area and they will undertake a full training, also, the project will be managed by the local community in Idlib countryside.